Hola Gente Bella!

I guess I ruined the surprise with my title, but still, guessssss whaaaaaat!??!

Today marks ONE FULL YEAR of being clean of meat. Completely clean!

Remember back in December I had posted about becoming a vegetarian months before? Well, I had told you that I was only wanting to challenge myself for 2 months. Hehehe. i’m at full 12 months, and i just don’t even know how to explain that to you guys.

I’m the type of gal that can’t leave a challenge just because it is over. On the contrary, I’ll keep at it. It’s just something within me that doesn’t let me quit. I admire that about me, because i know many who can’t do that.

I put together a few things about becoming Vegetarian. Take a gander, will you?

1. Do it because you’re curious if you can follow thru or not.

2. Do it because you’re tired of people saying its sooo hard or easy, and you’d like to prove ’em.

3. Do it because people say you can’t.

4. Do it because people say you can.

5. Do it because you want to gain will power.

6. Do it because you are interested in losing weight. (I’ll post more about this in the near future!)

7. Do it because…well, because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

8. Do it because, If i can do it, you can too. (:

I’m serious guys, do it. You never know, maybe being on the veggie side of things ends up to be your thing. If its not, you can always convert. Ha. Perhaps you don’t have to go for a full year, but try a health kick and just do a week or two. Either way, it is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle.

Secret time! (What happens on SWS, stays on SWS.)

-I crave meet. Sure, its been a year, but momma D’s fajitas are just so mmmm. (: I miss those the most, actually.

-I never let my craves get to my mind. It is only a mental thing, I promise.

-I srsly did want that pepperoni pizza you offered me.

-How dare you offer it to me, to begin with.

-I wanted the year to be donnnne

-I don’t want to stop this, though

-I wasn’t full after that salad.

-I’m not too fond of carrots.

-Did you just say salad for lunch? Again????

-I did not do this for my love for animals.

My deepest darkest secret of all time while being on this challenge?

…you’ll just have to stay tuned.

I have so much to tell you guys! From my bad moments, good moments and funny, as well as embarrassing moments. I cannot wait till you all know the beautiful struggle it has been.

Its been quite a journey. A veggie eating, carrot smelling, tamatoe stained journey.

Be back soon!

-the veggie hugger,


P.S. Love you guys. And don’t forget, ya’ll are a big part of my motivation. (:

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