Sister to Sister


To my sister:

First, how did it happen? How did you go from putting your bangs in a colita, to using hair straighteners, and MAC Cosmetics? How is it possible to hold on to time so that you can stay this way forever? If I could, I’d stop it. Right now. There are so many things left unsaid each and every day. So here’s my way of summarizing it, before you grow up even more.

Your quinceanera is coming up shortly and I have no idea how to feel about it.

I remember kneeling down infront of our bed with paper, colorful pens and pencils, and you. I told you to connect the dots with whatever color you wanted. You chose a pencil; smart girl. You connected the dots almost perfectly, and I told you it read Mildred. Your face, gosh your face. Your innocent, loving, precious young face. You lit up and wanted to do it again and again. So eventually, you knew how to write your name before you could read a whole sentence. I’d like to think that it helped you in some way to actually read. But I won’t take credit. 😉

When I saw you light up like the way you did that morning, I hoped you’d never be let down in your life. I hoped you’d remain happy, innocent, and full of life.

Fast forward. Make-up. Highschool. Friends. Boys. You’re 14. Life is hard, I know.  When older people say, “you’re young, there’s nothing to worry about,” its a lie. There is so much to fret about. There is so much going on, and not just with school, sports, modeling, boys, and home; but with you. You are important and while the world is rotating, never ever forget that.

While you grow up, don’t forget a few things:

Be you. Do YOU. Be confident, Mili. Be confident in who you are and keep that girl you want to become, in your thoughts each and every day. Think of her and let her be your motivation. You can be anyone in this world. You just have to fight for that. You have to get up every day knowing you will conquer the world. Because you will. Forget the materialistic things, and use what you are made up of already to conquer it. At the end of the day, the arch of your eyebrows, the wing of your liner and the brand of your lipstick, will not matter. Be you because:

You are Beautiful. Not just because you straighten your hair, or use mascara. You are beautiful because of you who you are. You are beautiful because you choose to not give up, you choose to keep fighting for your dreams.

Which brings me to this:  DREAM. Dream big, bright and loud. Dream as if the world isn’t pulling on you. Dream as if there aren’t any limits. Dream and never ever quit dreaming. But keep this in mind: DO IT. From start to finish. Accomplish everything you dream of accomplishing. Do it for you. Don’t just talk about it, BE about it.

Lose all fear. Fear is going to stop you. Fear is going to take you places that are much scarier than you’ve ever been in. Lose the fear, and lose it now. You can do anything and be anyone you want to, but with fear of being that, doing this or that, you will not get where you want. Fear is a liar. Just:

Have FAITH. “Trust in the Lord and not in your own understanding,” says Prov. 3-5. He’s got this. Don’t lose sight of Him. He will hold on to you. He will continue to hang on to you, despite all of the times you’ll let Him go. Pray. Pray when you are sad, angry, lonely. Pray when you are happy, excited, in love. Pray. He will listen. I promise. Never forget that you need God on your good days, as much as you need Him on your bad days.

High school is hard. So many people. So many activities. So much of everything. Have fun. Try everything and give it your best. I am proud of you already. I am so so so proud of you for what you have accomplished so far. You are a queen. You were one before you won that crown, and you will be one for forever after.

I know its hard being a girl. Its hard being the youngest child at times. But its also hard being a Big Sister. I know we have differences and we’ve let those differences separate us. I know we have both made situations more difficult than they really were, just for pride. You have to understand, that nothing in this world will keep me away from you. I will do anything for you, Mildred. No argument will make me love you less. No fight will make me abandon you. I will be there for you for anything and everything. I will be there not only as your sister, but as your friend. I will tell you the truth, even if it hurts. I will say no, even if you get upset. I will protect you against anything and everything that I can.

I pray I am there for every milestone and every baby step. I promise to try to make it to most of your games, performances and competitions. I promise to annoy you and bombard you with picture requests. But I will be there. Prom. Graduation. College Send off. I am there. God willing, I am there.

I love you.



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