I Smell Good!

Hey Guys!

I know, I know. It has been AGES. Listen before I hear all the griping, I’ve got to tell you about something. These last couple (HA! Couple? SEVERAL) months have been a ROLLERCOASTER. I promise I’ll get to that this week. HOWEVER, I have, have, have to mention what I have been up to besides the normal grown up things.

We all deserve to be pampered every so often, riiiiight? Well, I had the pleasure of trying some goodies from the AlchemyBathCo and let me say *Girl emoji with hands in the air*! They are a must have, guys. I have tried so many “organic” products from other companies that claim this and the other, none have met my standards as much as the “Lumbar Jack” soap from the AlchemyBathCo.

The “Lumbar Jack” soap, leaves your hands with such a natural fragrance. There is no doubt that this product was made with the most care in ingredients. It has Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil, guys. You can’t tell me you aren’t convinced to get one after reading that! Check out the rest of the ingredient list here.

You know how some soaps leave your hands kind of slippery and lathery? The Lumbar Jack bar doesn’t, and as odd as it may sound: that is my favorite thing! It doesn’t just smell good, it WORKS. Not only do I use it as a hand soap, but I use it as a body bar. Hear me out, okay?

I swim. I run. I play soccer. I workout A LOT. I GET GRIMEY, YA’LL. This bar soap does wonders. I used bar soaps from drugstores and sure, they leave my body smelling great, but that’s all. This soap bar gets the real grime off AND leaves me smelling yummy. Best of both worlds right?

Let me stop right there before I forget to mention all the other great products!

Besides that being my favorite soap bar from AlchemyBathCo, I also got to try out the “Lemon Poppy Seed” soap, the “Sea Mud” soap and the “Rise and Shine” soap. They are all special in their own scent, and personal look, but they are so amazing you guys. The “Lemon Poppy Seed” isn’t called that for no reason. You can actually spot the poppy seeds, and let me add one more time for the people in the back: they all smell so great!  They all have some of the ingredients I mentioned with the “Lumbar Jack” soap, but have other unique ingredients that makes them different in smell.

Aside from soap bars, I tried their bath bombs and bath salts. I’m gonna keep it real with yall: I don’t like baths too much. Baths make me feel so uncomfortable. BUT because I wanted to really try their bath salts and bath bombs, I gave the tub a go. I dropped the bath bomb in, and instantly made the bathroom smell like paradise.

Seriously guys, go check them out. If you are into natural and organic products, go do yourself a favor and add some of these fantastic products to your cart! You will be amazed.

Brb, going to enjoy the very last bit of my Lumbar Jack bar.

I’ll be back soon!


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