Why I Blog

Hey there, Welcome and Thanks for stopping by! The name on my birth certificate is Danna, so I guess you can call me that. My favorite color is purple and on the occasion I love Magenta & Wisteria, and let’s not forget Cerulean, Turquoise,  Scarlet or Matte Orange. Okay, I must confess, those are my favorite nail polish colors, but great colors in general!

I created the site Scarred With Strength (SWS) because I needed to get out there in ways that would not only benefit me, but my readers too. Society is tough and that, I definitely know. I also know that there are a lot of people out there who have trouble believing in themselves, who have the most troubles with self motivation. And as you read in my passages; that’s what I’m here for.

My purpose is to create some light for those of us who struggle to see it, to feel it. The warmth of the light after being in the cold tunnel is the best feeling in the whole world. I’m here to inspire others because life can be bullshit sometimes-excuse me. But it’s so true. I’m here to give a small little lift, and a small little push. Life is so beautiful. It has taken me the longest to figure that out, and I want to show my readers that it can be great despite the little crappy things. My writing, as you’ll notice will range from personal stories to funny moments, and from quotes to poetry, and I promise, sometimes, they won’t make sense at all. But don’t panic, its meant for you to interpret it however you may feel. I’m okay with that.

Maybe I can’t fix your problems, but I promise I can make you crack a smile, bust a little chuckle and maybe help you in some sort of way. As long as it took me to realize it, I believe we can all be someone in this life. My dream is this site, my readers, and inspiration. Like many of us, I’ve gone through some stuff that made me doubt so many things, including myself. And really, I just want to let you guys know that no one is alone in this battle. So please, let me shine this light that you were born to see and feel. Let me tell you that you are wonderful despite what you are going through.

Let me be your inspiration, give me the chance to motivate you, to make you feel alive. Give me the time to make you believe that you are great and much more beyond that. Believe in my writing, feel the words as they form into goose bumps on your bare arms. Please give my words a chance to cause laughter and enjoyment.

Let me begin by telling you that you are Scarred with Strength, no matter what you are going through, no matter what the battle is.Let me start my project by telling you, I believe in you. Keep reading, there’s so much more.


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