Personal Challenges

To keep myself busy, I maintain a healthy level of insanity. You see, I tend to challenge myself a lot. Momma D says I have nothing to prove, which is correct, but I still like to challenge myself to new things. I’m not too good with “taking it easy”, so I often times push myself to the extreme limits because I find it to be mentally healthy. I think that pushing yourself and motivating yourself is more powerful than the motivation of others. Anyone can motivate you, anyone can push you to do your hardest, but only you can follow through. So, when you push yourself to the farthest limit, you gain some kind of self strength. Self strength to me is very important, and it is vital to this life. I call it will power. I mean, this life is all about survival of the fittest. If you push yourself and work towards your goal, you can accomplish everything. I promise.

Back in April 2014 I had a crazy idea to become a vegetarian. I thought, “2 months, I can do this!” So that was my first major personal challenge, then I did a Juice Cleanse for 7 WHOLE days. (Tougher than you think); it was grrrreat. Right now I am working on a work-out challenge, which I will post about soon! I cannot wait to share all my other challenges with you guys.

Anyway, you can call it personal projects or challenges, whatever it is, check em out. Just hover over the Personal Challenges on the Menu and you’ll see the tabs for each challenge.

See you there!


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