I Smell Good!

Hey Guys!

I know, I know. It has been AGES. Listen before I hear all the griping, I’ve got to tell you about something. These last couple (HA! Couple? SEVERAL) months have been a ROLLERCOASTER. I promise I’ll get to that this week. HOWEVER, I have, have, have to mention what I have been up to besides the normal grown up things. Continue reading

Sister to Sister


To my sister:

First, how did it happen? How did you go from putting your bangs in a colita, to using hair straighteners, and MAC Cosmetics? How is it possible to hold on to time so that you can stay this way forever? If I could, I’d stop it. Right now.┬áThere are so many things left unsaid each and every day. So here’s my way of summarizing it, before you grow up even more. Continue reading