Welcome 2015

I don’t really wanna set resolutions just because they all get broken. I mean they’re meant to be, right?

The only thing I do promise myself is to be braver. I promise myself to write more. To doodle more. To take time and enjoy my life, because I don’t have much time left. I promise to believe in the unknowing; myself.

But I wont set no new year’s resolutions because, I’m still gonna eat chocolate the same amount as I did in ’14.

I hope that this year brings so much more success. I hope that my writing continues to inspire some, if not all of you.

Thanks for sticking by and following such an unknown author. One day I promise to be big. Big in my own way.

Happy new year to all of you and may this year bring you much more happiness than you asked for.

Keep reading, I have a whole new journey to tell you about.

Cheers to SwS,