A Word From D


A Word From D is just a little Advice Page, that’s all! Feel free to click on anything. Who knows, maybe you find the quote of the day, or even a lame joke I can only laugh at. Whatever floats your boat!

This tab is really just for you, containing a bit of my own thoughts for you. And if you happen to click on WWDD, or for the newbies: What Would D Do? you’ll see its a page dedicated just for you. If you want any of your questions featured, let me know! If you wanna ask me anything, head over to my Find Me! page. It will open up a new tab, so you won’t lose this one! (How kewl is that?!) You can ask me anything you want, just head on over there and feel free to email me!

Gotta keep it interesting, right?!

See you around!



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